Claim Jumper Haunted Restaurant in Park City, Utah  

Many legends exist about haunted hotels. These spaces, meant to capture those weary from the road, house souls who are far from home. Only miles away from Salt Lake City, the mountain mining town of Park City was home to an elegant hotel in the early 1900s, but the living have told tales about long-dead travelers who refused to leave at check-out.

Claim Jumper Haunted Restaurant
573Main Street
Park City, Utah, 84060

Contact Phone : 435-649-8051

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The original Hotel Park City was built to house those who had become wealthy through Park City’s mining and ranching industries and often traveled to and from Salt Lake City. Just a short distance from Salt Lake City, the building hosted traveling guests and served steak dinners to hungry diners for decades. Later, the hotel rooms were closed but the restaurant and basement saloon remained in operation under the name Claim Jumper Inn. When the Claim Jumper closed its doors, the space remained vacant for several years—but the spirits who haunted it remained. Staff members and visitors to the Utah hotel and restaurant claim that friendly spirits have haunted the rooms since the turn of the century. The playful ghosts do not harm visitors, but play tricks on them by moving and rearranging items and closing doors. The haunted hotel has been home to other strange occurrences, often attributed to one spirit. The spirit that haunts the original Hotel Park City building is believed to be a former owner or guest. Many who enter feel an eerie, although friendly, presence. The apparition is often seen by the living just out of the corner of their eyes, but the haunt disappears as they turn. Like in other haunted houses, the lights flicker on and off without explanation and many have heard disembodied footsteps climbing and descending the stairs. The television in the old saloon area will also turn on and off when no living person is around, according to those who believe the place is haunted. Perhaps the most unsettling occurrence in this haunted space is candles re-lighting themselves. The spirit may like to fool the living, but he seems more than willing to share the haunted hotel with those who visit the old Claim Jumper Inn.

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